Boyd Sugiki and Lisa Zerkowitz at Tyler

We had an amazing day with Boyd Sugiki and Lisa Zerkowitz yesterday. They were our first guests in The Laurie Wagman Lecture Series in Glass. They are incredibly warm and generous people, and very talented educators.

They gave a really nice lecture about their work; first Lisa talked about her work and then Boyd about his, finishing with the work that they produce together at their studio, Two Tone Studios. I loved the way that Boyd described their collaborative works at Two Tone, saying that while each of them sees the whole piece, “I see form. Lisa sees color.” It was interesting to see the influences on their work, childhood memory for Lisa and architecture for Boyd. Their path to their current studio was especially inspiring, and demonstrated the incredible tenacity and drive required to work in glass. We saw images of past studios including the corner they shared with six people when they were starting out and then their new studio, which is absolutely stunning and dreamy! We were in awe.

After the lecture, they gave a demo focused on technique for blowing tumblers and bowls. The students seemed enchanted by the clarity and detail as Boyd described their working process. We are very grateful to them for coming to Tyler and sharing their work with us – it was a great day!

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