“The Presence of Absence” by Milena Kling

A friend just sent me the link to this interesting design work by Milena Kling on themethodcase.com:

“In observation of traces, the work “THE PRESENCE OF ABSENCE” by graduate Milena Kling emphasizes the potential of the invisible, which stimulates our imagination.

The project includes the glass collections RAW and RUBY, which present new haptic and visual qualities by reinterpreting common production strategies of mouth-blown glass. In the process of blowing the glass in molds of copper mesh and copper sheets, the glass is transformed and the copper merges with the glass and leaves ruby patterns behind or creates a sense of textile roughness on the perfect surface of the glass. The individual reaction of the material allows to tell a personal story of the genesis of each glass. By capturing independent effects, the THE PRESENCE OF ABSENCE presents objects where traces of the production process make every piece unique and a witness of its creationism.”  Original text and more found here.

– Sharyn O’Mara


All images
Milena Kling
“The Presence of Absence”
from themethodcase.com

ThePresenceofAbsence-by-Milena-Kling-themethodcase-33-210x210 ThePresenceofAbsence-by-Milena-Kling-themethodcase-25-210x210  ThePresenceofAbsence-by-Milena-Kling-themethodcase-7

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