Assistant Professor Cutrone exploring CAD/CAM

In addition to teaching, Tyler Glass Assistant Professor Dan Cutrone is taking a turn as a student this semester. Along with a host of other glass program members, he is currently enrolled in “Ceramic Structures” taught by Associate Professor Chad Curtis. The course focuses on using  the 3D modeling program Rhino to develop forms that can be output to a computer aided CNC machine, essentially milling the forms driven by the digital files. This semester, the class has been using the CNC to mill pre-cast plaster blocks in order to create molds for slip-casting. The images show plaster molds of a tile and a bowl form as well as the resulting slip-cast clay objects about to go to the kiln for firing. Dan is working to implement some of these technologies in his own studio practice, as well a bring them to the glass program at Tyler. More info and photos to come at the end of the semester!