Imagery and Glass Course Update

The last 2 weeks in my Imagery and Glass course have been a blast. We have been working with enamels, rayzist, and silk-screening. Loo Bain (recent MFA graduate in fibers) was amazing in guiding us through the silk-screening process. Also we have done experimental slumping and just received new bullseye slumping molds to play with. Next week we will be experimenting with using a flat scanner on 3-D glass objects- I love this project, check out the examples below of previous student scanned images.

– Jessica Jane Julius

Madeline Smith, Senior, Image made using the flat scanner on flameworked glass

Madeline Smith, Senior                                                      Image made using the flat scanner of flameworked glass

Colin Lusis image made from using a flat scanner

Colin Lusis, Senior                                                                   Image made from using a flat scanner, magnets, metal, sheet glass

Susie Sewell working on scanning project

Susie Sewell, senior, working on scanning project

glass object being scanned on a flat scanner

glass object being scanned on a flat scanner

Deborah Czeresko is in the studio!

Deborah is back! She was our Artist-in-Residence last semester and will be here working for three days between now and April. She will give a lecture on Wednesday April 17 at 1.30pm in Tyler 121. All are welcome!

photo-1 photo-2 photo-3 photo

Erica Rosenfeld: Art can save people’s lives

Erica Rosenfeld left yesterdabest_IIy. She was here for a week and so very present in the studios, with the students, that it will be very strange to go into the studio and not find her working.

Some things I learned about Erica from her lecture:

1. She loves to cook. We saw images of dumplings that Michiko taught her to make, a PizzaTaco courtesy of her friend Matt, a gorgeous salad with edamame, goat cheese, and radishes, and a rather odd shot of a roasted turkey wearing bacon bracelets.

2. She has a sweet dog (also referred to as her roommate) named Birdie. Those of you who know me know that having a dog brings high marks in my book.

3. She collects prison art and showed an image of an amazing box made out of cigarette boxes. I need to ask her for an image of that.

4. One of her favorite museums? The American Visionary Museum in Baltimore. I’ve never been there so I just added it to my list.

photo-5 IMG_2713 IMG_2708  best_IV

5. She is drawn to outsider art and described her fascination with “what people make when they’re not thinking about art as a commodity and they are working with limited resources.” Some of her favorite outsider artists: James Harold Jennings, Tim Duncan, Dalton Ghetti, and Judith Scott.

6. She believes that art can save people’s lives. I agree.

Erica Rosenfeld

Erica Rosenfeld


Erica Rosenfeld

I’m going to miss Erica and her awesome Hot Shop chicken-cooking demos (perhaps she will make tofu on her next visit?), amazingly crazy-beautiful eggshell pieces, and her incredible spirit, warmth, and generosity.

– Sharyn O’Mara

Laser Engraving on glass

We are very excited for 2 new additions to our Digital Fabrication Studio, a laser cutter and ceramic decal printer. This studio also gives students access to several 3D printers, 3D scanning, vinyl cutting and a ten-needle embroidery machine. The experimenting has begun in my imagery and glass course and by Senior Susie Sewell. Click here to see it in action.

Senior Susie Sewell testing the new laser cutter on sheet glass

Senior Susie Sewell testing the new laser cutter on sheet glass

 – Jessica Jane Julius

Intermediate Glass class visits Paul Stankard

ImageA quick post: Yesterday, I took my Intermediate Glass class to visit Paul Stankard and see his studio. Paul gave us a tour of the studio and told us stories about his career and journey with glass. Ché came along and Paul was really excited to see him. ImageWe all had pizza for lunch and then he did a demonstration making one of the small figures he puts in his pieces. He even recited one of his poems for us. We went for a short nature walk in his yard to see the first blossoming flowers of the spring. The students were all very excited and Paul was very giving with his knowledge and stories of perseverance. It was a beautiful day and I’m very grateful to Paul for sharing his studio and passion for his work with us.

– Amber Cowan